Life with a Bull

Our young Dexter bull, Elliott, went AWOL the other day, as he must have become bored with the cows that were in his pasture. I kinda wondered where he was on Thursday night, but as our pasture is slightly rolling, I didn’t think much of it when I didn’t see him, figuring that he was close by, just not within sight. When I took the dogs for a walk around the pasture the next morning, I noticed the we were missing one red cow. Well, actually, one red bull. So I called our neighboring rancher, as they have been bringing their calves down off the mountain the last few weeks, and I figured he would most likely head over there. Robert said he hadn’t seen him, but I was welcome to take a 4-wheeler and go check the fields.

So I drove down to the pens to go look for the errant bull, and noticed he was in the runway, with the gates closed. I figured that Robert’s dad had put him there, so went on to a previous commitment that I had that morning. I called Chris to let him know that Elliott was indeed at the neighbors ranch, but he was locked up. Chris said that we would pick him up tonight when he got home, and not to worry about him.

While I was in town, Robert called and said that he had moved Elliott over to the southwest pen, and we could pick him up when we got the chance. I wasn’t too worried about it, as the pens are well made and have handled hundreds of cattle. I drove by several times on my way to and from town, and saw him longingly drooling over the heifers that were just soooo close, but out of reach. One time I drove by, and he was on his knees trying to crawl underneath the panels. I laughed, and thought how typical it was of him.

When Chris got home, it was just after dark. He hooked up to the trailer and we drove down to the pens. While I was guiding him to the loading chute alleyway, I kept hearing panels rattling, and was hoping Elliott didn’t get into someplace he wasn’t suppose to be. After lining up the truck, Chris sent me and Tucker, my English Shepherd, to go move the trouble maker up to alleyway to the trailer. When we reached where Elliott was, I knew I wasn’t going to get him to go anywhere. The silly, idiotic bull had somehow managed to get himself hung up between the gate and the fence panels. He couldn’t move forward, and he couldn’t move back. He was stuck, and stuck really tight!

Chris tried to get him to go backwards, but all Elliott did was bellow. He took a flashlight and examined the predicament a bit closer, and decided the only way to free the bull was to cut the chain that was used to secure the gate. While he ran back to the house to get the bolt cutters, Tucker and I just kinda hung out watching the bull. I had a very one sided conversation with him, and told him what a great idiot he was for getting himself into this spot. All he did was moan and blow, looking at me a few times as though he really was sorry and wanted out of the spot, and could I please do something?

Chris came back with the bolt cutters and managed to cut the chain. As soon as Elliott found he was free, he moved forward, with the gate still kinda hung up in his ribcage area. As there was another gate in front of him, he had to swing to his right, which brought the gate that he was hung up on with him. And danged if he didn’t almost get stuck again when he continued in that same arc! Tucker and I managed to back him up before he got wedged in too tight, and he turned around and headed for the pen he had been in. With a bit of encouragement, Tucker and I worked him down the alleyway, where Chris took over and followed him to where the trailer door was open and waiting for him to jump in.

After looking him over the next morning in the daylight, he seems no worse for wear. Lucky bull!


One response to “Life with a Bull

  1. I think Elliot was trying not to end up at Mcdonalds. 🙂

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