Quiet day at Singing Bull Ranch

Since I don’t work on Fridays, I had the whole day to myself to enjoy the quiet and sunshine. After breakfast, I took the dogs for a walk around the fence line. I had put on EmmaLee’s  little pullover to help her stay warm, as it was still only around 33° outside, although the sun was shining and it was clear. She doesn’t have a heavy coat like Tucker or Sage, so she gets cold easily like her momma (me). She seems to like the little pullovers, as she gets all excited when I get it ready to put it on her.

About half way thru our walk, Tucker came running up to me with a stick he had found. As I was debating upon throwing it for him, he noticed that EmmaLee was looking at something in the tall grass around a scrub tree. I had been watching her cocking her head, very intent on one area, so knew there was something in there. Tucker ran over to help her investigate it, and then Sage came in for backup. Poor Em didn’t find the mouse, but Tucker did! I’m wondering about my little terrier! My English Shepherd usually out-hunts her! As there didn’t seem to be anymore mice in the grass, I called them off it, and continued walking.

As I got closer to the house, I saw my old mare, Clementine (Clemmie) standing off by herself. So I talked to her, and started walking up to her. She surprised me by walking up to me, but then she veered off about six feet away from me. Darn mare! So typical of her now that I don’t work with her anymore. I think she’s mad at me, although people keep telling me that horses don’t carry grudges. Hmm, I wonder…I called to her, and she stopped and let me come up beside her. I found a good spot to scratch, and she stretched out her neck and head, lips moving as if to say, “ahhhh, yeah, right there, ewwwww, yeah!” I continued scratching her in that same area for a few minutes then moved to a different spot. After awhile, she decided she’d had enough, and strolled away.

Junior, our young black john mule, came up to investigate as I was talking to Clemmie. He’s a very friendly mule that needs to be worked with, as he’s not trained at all yet. Although he’s the only mule that will walk up to me when I’m out in the pasture, I think he might have a bit of an attitude when I start working him, so I’ll have to work really slow, step-by-step with him. He’s to use to be out in the herd and not being asked to do anything. And he’s a young boy, so that adds to the attitude! He should be an interesting challenge to work with, and I look forward to it. I need to talk to Chris and see where we can set up a round pen to work with the other mare that we inherited from our neighbor and Junior. We have a paddock, which would work, but the ground gets really muddy and slippery when it’s wet, so that wouldn’t work.

After I let the chickens out of their coop, I took a load of wash over to the other house. Hopefully, we’ll have time to build our laundry room in our other house this winter. In the meantime ‘tho, I have to go over to the other house to do laundry. While there, I ran the vacuum over the floor and did a bit of other minor cleaning. The renter isn’t there right now, so I took advantage of it to do some cleaning.

The front yard before I started playing with it today.

After lunch, I decided I’d better get something else done besides running back and forth between houses to check the laundry, so I went out front and started pulling branches and sticks out of the piles of dirt and tossing them in the wood pile that we need to burn soon. The front yard is a mess, as last winter the irrigation company came through, laying pipe down the fence line that borders the road. There wasn’t a yard really before, but now there definitely isn’t, so we’re slowly working on it to make it look nice. I’ve pulled the woven wire fence off the posts, so now we need to pull the fence posts out. The construction crew had knocked over all of the elm trees that bordered our driveway, which Chris had cleared up for the most part, but I noticed little green trees sprouting  wherever there was a branch buried in the ground.  I had dug out quite a few of them already with the mini excavator, so there were holes all over the one side. So I started up the mini ex and tracked it over to see what more damage I could do.

The sun was going down just as I finished pulling up more branches, tossing them in the pile, and then leveling the area out as best as possible with the bucket and the blade that is on the front of the mini. It doesn’t look as good as I’d like, but I’m still learning how to handle the mini. But I was having a blast moving the dirt around and learning by trial and error how to handle the mini and the dirt. I enjoy operating the mini, as well as the old backhoe that we have here, but I don’t work with them often enough to get as good as I’d like on them.

After parking the mini, I went and got EmmaLee from the house and fed the two bulls we have in stalls and the cows and bull we have in the paddock. Their water was low, so I filled them up then went in the house to start dinner.

All in all, a decent day. It’s always good to be able to look back and see that you’ve accomplished something, especially since it’s so easy to get sidetracked with the internet!


One response to “Quiet day at Singing Bull Ranch

  1. I love how your day started slow and easy hang’n with the animals enjoying a walk around the ranch. Then suddenly turned into good days work. Bravo on the mini.

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