Twin calves update

heifer calf

heifer calf

Our twins are now three days old, and getting stronger every day. It looks like the front leg on the little heifer has strengthened on its own, as it’s looking much straighter now and it’s not bending back like it had been a few days ago. I was about half freaked out when I saw her walking on it at first, as it looked severely incorrect, but thank goodness it wasn’t anything structurally wrong with her.

On Wednesday night, Chris was able to get home a little earlier and help me move the trio into a stall/run area. Chris picked up the calves and put them in the back of my truck, and we attempted to get Bally to follow. That was easier said than done, as she didn’t “see” them in the truck, even tho’ she smelled them, and saw them in there, once we started driving off, she would turn around to where she last saw them on the ground, so we’d back up, and start all over! After some patient maneuvering, we were able to get them in the stall. Before we put the bull calf in, we decided to weigh him. Since his sire is a Dexter bull, known for low birth weight, but rapid gain, we wanted to see how much he weighed. He weighs in at a whoppin’ 60 lbs. A bit on the smaller side for a calf, but by the time they’re weaned, they weigh in pretty close to the same size as a regular beef calf, such as Angus or Simmental.

I was able to get a few good snap shots of both of them today. Here’s most of them.


3 responses to “Twin calves update

  1. I’m glad to know that the little heifer is doing much better! Very cute pic’s.

  2. You may already know this, but it is very common in male and female twins that the heifer is sterile. They are adorable calves!!!

    • Thanks for the comment! Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard. I also looked it up online, and spoke to our vet, who pretty much confirmed that the chances of her being sterile is pretty high. I’m sad, but that’s the cow biz!

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