Fence Work

Pasture fence

Pasture fence

Yesterday I took apart more fencing. This time it was a fence out beside the paddock area. It was a bit of a challenge, as most of the fence posts were not really in the ground that deep, so as I worked on pulling out the fencing staples, I had to hold onto the fence post with one hand while I pried out the staple with the other. You can see how some of the fence posts are not straight up and down and look a bit wobbly. Fun stuff!

End of the fence post

End of the fence post

You can tell in this photo that whoever put it in, didn’t spend much time making sure that it would be a solid fence. It should be in pass the frost line, not just a few inches in the ground. I’m surprised it stayed up at all. All of the fence posts are like that around here, so the entire fence needs to be replaced. The cows, mules and horses get to rubbing on them, and the posts just about fall over. That doesn’t keep the critters in very well. The fence also has been walked over by critters, so is only half the height it should be along the back of the modular home. That is one of the first sections we plan on replacing.

We went in for lunch, planning on working on the fence by our house, but we decided since it is Easter, we’d relax a bit and enjoy the day. Here’s a short video that Chris took while we were pulling out the fence posts.

Reno in the paddock

Reno in the paddock

Friday I moved our three bulls in. The rancher to the north of us now has part of his herd on the pasture that borders our fenceline. Knowing how bulls are, we decided it was safer to have them in a stronger enclosure than risk them walking through the fence and romancing the neighbor’s cows. That doesn’t make for good neighbors. We plan on putting the horses and mules on the front little pasture with a large round bale and allow the cows out in the main field. I was hoping to do that this weekend, but it didn’t get done. Hopefully in the next few days we can switch them out.

Here’s some more pictures I took while pulling down the fence. Tucker is shown here guarding me from Elliott, our Dexter bull. I  was waiting on Chris for a minute and decided to get a picture of Elliott, who is now in the paddock. Tucker had been hunting with EmmaLee and Sage in the neighbor’s field. I squatted down to get a picture at eye-level with the bull, and the next thing I know, Tucker was right between us. I hadn’t said a thing, but Tucker had been watching out for me, even though I thought he was off playing in the tall grass next door. He still amazes me sometimes!


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