Update on Rat Terrier pups…

Not much going on here at the ranch, although Chris and I have been plenty busy. Irrigation season has started, and for the moment, we’ve got a lot of water to play with. They’ve added pipe where I’m irrigating at, and we’re still working on fine tuning them.

EmmaLee and the pups are doing well. They’re really quiet, so Momma must be feeding them well enough and keeping them warm. We don’t hear much out of them yet. Their eyes are open, and they are getting around a bit better, not quite walking, but not crawling as much either. It’s a bit rough on Em, as she wants to be with me and the other dogs, but she also wants to be in the house with her puppies. I just let her know that before too long, they’ll be all grown up and will leave the nest before she knows it. I’m looking forward to when the pups are a bit older, and we can start taking them outside and playing with them.

I’m curious as to how their personalities will develop. Their dad is a very active little guy, while Em is a bit more laid back. She loves to hunt. She also helps keep control of the mice that the cats bring in thru the cat door. Sometimes they’re not dead, which is a bit irritating, to say the least. But Em sniffs ’em out before they get five feet within the cat door. Dr. Houseweart says that Guero is quite the hunter too, so these pups should be game little guys.

I’m curious too as to what size they will mature to be, as Em is bigger than Guero. He’s considered more of a miniature Rat Terrier, while EmmaLee is a Standard Rat Terrier, with about 25% Decker lines from her sire, Tank. I don’t know how  much Guero weighs, but Em is around 24 lbs. and about 16″ at the shoulders.

Here’s the latest photos of the pups. I took them yesterday so they’re just shy of 2 weeks old. If anyone has some tips on taking pictures of baby puppies, let me know! These guys are so wiggly, except for when they’re sleeping, that it was almost impossible to get a decent photograph of them.

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