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Herding Evaluation for Tucker – English Shepherd

I had the opportunity to attend a herding clinic put on by Falkenhoff Kennels here in Delta, CO, this weekend. The owner, Marion Lewis, had invited Val Manning of Terre Norte Kennels, Wellington, CO, to come to her place for a clinic. As I wasn’t able to attend the entire clinic, I chose to go to the evaluation portion. I am happy to report that Tucker did well. He has a lot to learn, but that is the handler’s fault much more than his! He has never seen goats that I can recall, but he didn’t seem too bothered by them, and started to work them readily enough until he passed me standing by the gate. Then he quit on Val. Oops!

Since he’s not use to being around strangers or working with them, I think he did well with her for the minute that he did! After he tried to climb through the fence, I went in and Val and I worked Tucker on the goats. I should say Val worked Tucker, I just came along for the ride! After a bit, she had him gathering, flanking, wearing and some driving.

Not sure how I will finagle it, but I am very interested in continuing this with Tucker. It would be a tremendous help  for both of us and he’ll get out and about more, which, considering where we live, is great!

Val felt like that he did well under the circumstances and feels that I should spend time working on directional commands with him. Luckily, she gave me  a few pointers that I think I can work with. So, over the next few weeks, I hope to start working on his commands and preparing for the next time I go, which, fingers crossed, I believe will be next month.

I was able to take a short video of Tucker starting to work for Val. Unfortunately, since I had to go in with him, I wasn’t able to do any more recording, but one of the ladies that was there, Nancy, was kind enough to take photos for me.

I’m looking forward to working with Tucker and attending the next class that Marion has.

Here’s the short video I was able to take of Tucker before he tried to climb out of the fence. Tucker’s introduction to goats.

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New calf at the Singing Bull Ranch

After much anticipation, Twila finally had her calf. It’s a very beautiful red/fawn colored heifer. She’s big too, and looks well built with a pretty face. Her sire is the Jersey bull, Reno, that we have for someone else. Looking forward to seeing her grow up! She’s very likely going to stay here and learn to be a milk cow.

Which is what her momma is here for. I’m going to attempt to  milk her so that we have fresh milk, butter, etc. Should be an interesting experience!