New Dexter bull calf

Twila had her bull calf on June 20, a nice looking dun bull calf. He is by Blue Creek Elliott, who is now in Parachute, CO.


4 responses to “New Dexter bull calf

  1. Congratulations! He’s a cutie!

    • Thanks! I was surprised to see a dun from a black cow and red bull.

      • If they both carry Dun, and your cow does not carry red… you have a pretty good chance. We have 2 sisters that had our bull’s first 2 progeny this spring. Our bull is red with 1 recessive Dun. The red bull calf came from a black mom that only carries red. We didn’t have him tested, because we ended up banding him. But if anything, he may carry a recessive gene of dun. The other bull calf is from a black mom that carries both, red and dun. And his tests have just come back showing the red and dun passed on to him, as well. I’ll be watching her progeny from this bull in the future. If my hunch is correct, her being black is pulling rank and allows the dun gene to pass through. I’m really happy about that. Should he breed with a red or dun cow… that can produce dun calves, as well as black and red. So, it widens his berth of color variety in the breed for interested parties looking for red or dun. If Artist were black and carried dun… we might gain red calves if our cows were dominant red. But there’d be no chance for pulling the dun gene from the bull unless the girls also carried dun, or, were dun themselves.

  2. I am still really new when it comes to color genetics. So, if I kept this little bull calf and bred him, he could possible throw black, dun and/or red, depending on the genetics of the cow?
    I would have to look at his dam’s and sire’s pedigrees to see what colors their ancestors were.
    I would like to keep him as a bull, as I like his sire’s pedigree and would like to continue with it.

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