Damage to gate by bull

Ok, somebody has got to go away. Reno has slowly destroyed one of our gates. It needed replacing, so maybe I should thank him for ripping it out for me, but I would have like to have done it on my schedule, not his. Dratted bull!

Our neighbors have some Longhorn cattle and a bull, so Reno thinks he should be with them and our little herd. Needless to say, the neighbors aren’t too crazy about that, but no matter how the fence between is fixed, Reno goes through it like it doesn’t exist.

So, hopefully, he is going home. We really just don’t have a place to keep him right now

Here’s a few snapshots of the now defunct gate…

P1090929 P1090927 P1090928


2 responses to “Damage to gate by bull

  1. When you go to get your new gate, make sure you buy some Cattle panel. We’ve had to wire Cattle panel on our gates to keep Artist from doing the same. One other thing… we bought 2 extra brackets that wrap around the side of the gate and go over the hinge bolts screwed into the posts that hold the gate for swinging. We placed those above each of the 2 brackets hung on the bolts. It’s keeps the bulls from lifting the gates off the hinges… which they figure out with no problem! Artist got his nose ring caught in one of our small entry gates. Lifted it up off the hinges and threw the gate about 20 feet. Thank God I was standing there. Luckily – the cows were so stunned that they froze, I was able to go for the gate and get it roped back to the post until Hubs got home.

  2. Thanks for the advise! I’ll print it out and save it for when we put another gate up. This gate was already in somewhat bad shape when we bought the place. We haven’t fixed that fence area yet, so we hadn’t changed it for a better one. But he had it all over the place, put a hole in it, etc. As you can guess, he’s a horned bull!

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