Monthly Archives: August 2014

Moving day for my chicks and poults

As the chicks and poults were outgrowing their home in the stock tank, I have moved them into a bit larger area where I will keep them until they are big enough to not slip through the fencing in the outdoor courtyard. Which I think will be in about two weeks.

Of the poults that I ordered from Ideal Poultry, I did lose one that didn’t look good from the start. It’s head was a bit crooked and one eye didn’t look right. I had thought it was one of the White Leghorns, but it ended up being on of the Buff Orpingtons instead. I am a bit bummed, as I really like the Buffs, but hopefully I can pick some up next spring. The Narragansett Turkey poults are doing well.

In the meantime, we are hatching out about a dozen eggs, hopefully, that I collected from our current survivor hens. We decided that since they seem to be the ones that are surviving both the coyotes and the puppies, they must have some excellent survival skills, or just plain good luck. But since some have survived several years of being free range, I think they deserve to be continued on. We’ll see how it goes. Heck, who knows. Maybe I will start my own breed! Ha, right!

Anyway, here’s the video for anyone who wants to see my little flock.


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