Singing Bull Ranch is located on the Western Slope of Colorado in the North Fork Valley. Currently its residents include about 30 chickens, 7 ducks, 10 goats, a few equines, cats, ranch dogs and Rat Terriers. The chickens are mainly Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshires, a few Leghorns, Rhode Islands, and what I think might be Barred Rocks. Some of these birds I rehomed here for some friends when they moved and couldn’t take their flock with them, so I am not sure what breeds they are. The ducks are Welsh Harlequins, which are on the Watch List on The Livestock Conservancy list. The goats are a new addition this summer and are several different breeds and crosses. All are wethers. And there are a few horses and a mule.

For now, the place is in a holding pattern due to the unexpected passing of my husband earlier this year. If I continue on here, my hopes are to bring in more heritage animals, such as the Cotton Patch goose, the Magpie duck, Randall or Randall Lineback cattle and the Mulefoot pig. I would like to focus, when possible, on the breeds which originated in America and that are on the Critical or Threatened lists of the Livestock Conservancy.

Possible plans are to obtain a larger herd of goats for weed control on the neighboring ranches. If this occurs, in time I would have goats for sale as purebred stock, possible crosses and for meat. I am seriously considering the Spanish Goat for this project, although in doing my research, it seems that the other meat goat ranchers frequently cross the Spanish and Boer goats.

This year, 2017, will be a real deciding point for me as to whether I continue with the farm/ranch or if I sell it and move on.



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