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Updates on goat barn!


Finally got a trough built inside my goat shelter. I have it so it is actually hanging on the wall on the other side where my feed area is, but they can access it from their stall. It isn’t perfect and I need to raise part of it up a bit so they can reach the hay more easily, but I am a bit paranoid about them getting into the feed area after their catlike escape through really small holes earlier this year!

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As only the boss goats seem to eat out of it, I am looking at building a hay rack on the other side of the stall so the lower ranking goats can eat, hopefully! They do stick their heads through where I had planned to put the mineral blocks and eat hay I put there, but it is in a corner and not really safe or efficient.

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I need to look at the GoatSpot forum and see if I can find something there that might work for my situation. I do know I want something where they can access the hay easily enough without too much trouble. Just have to figure out what will work out best for my particular set up.

Something that I would really love to figure out is how to maintain the huge waste of hay that seem to be notorious for goats! I rake up about a bale a week I think where their outside hay feeder is. I’m thinking of getting a little miniature horse or something to help clean it up so it doesn’t just pile up under and around the feeder. LOL!  On the one hand, it is building a nice cushy spot for them to hang out on, and I’m thinking I will spread it out in my “garden” area to help control the ridiculous weed growth, but I really hate seeing all that hay going to waste. So more research is due for me over the next months!