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Goat weed mitigation venture

Thomas, my new Saanen/Nubian cross wether

Thomas, my new Saanen/Nubian cross wether

It has been a long time sinceĀ  I have posted anything here on my ranch blog. Mostly because there really hadn’t been anything happening. Since we sold off the cows, it had been pretty darn quiet around the ranch. But this past summer has turned out to be a new challenge, one that I was not even almost expecting. For those who may follow my Rat Race Rat Terrier blog, you may have seen that my husband passed away quite unexpectedly the end of May. Needless to say, that really tossed my life around for a bit. But I have been blessed with good fortune, and am able to stay here on the ranch with all the critters.

Without going into boring details, I have found that I am in need of some sort of income. For many years I have had an idea of having goats for weed control in the back of my mind. So, having nothing better to do with my time, Ha!, I am now the proud owner of four little Saanen/Nubian cross wethers. They will be tested out around my house, as this year I am specializing in propagating weeds instead of a nice vegetable garden. That gives them lots of places to prove their worth. I will be adding to the herd as I go, so hopefully will have some new faces off and on and new kids to get to know. I’ll be posting pictures of the new crew as soon as they arrive. Looking forward to adding them in!

Here is a video of the four boys in my “garden.” As you can see, it is in desperate need of some weeding. Video of goats in garden

The long term goal will be to have two separate herds of goats. One smaller herd that are all people oriented and follow their people around like big dogs. This herd will be for maintaining weeds around my place as well as going to residential, business and industrial places to work on weed control. I want them to be people friendly so that they can interact with the home owners and employees of the businesses. Would be great for advertising and getting the word out!

The other herd will be much larger and will be run on the local ranches and forest service lands for weed control. They will either run with the cows, or be put on the fields beforehand to help take out the weeds that are poisonous to cattle. (Goats are amazing in that they can eat poisonous plants that the cattle can not. In some areas, especially Texas, it is becoming very common to run goats first, then put the cows in. )

I am planning on using registered, purebred Spanish Goats for my larger herd. They are on the Watch list on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy website. I am also very interested in the